Win Win International Youth Culture And Arts Development Association

Apply a volunteer

Volunteers in large-scale activities are the cards of a city and show the enthusiasm and charm of young people.


As a volunteer for the International Cultural Angel Art Festival, you can:

Develop a skill and enrich social experience
Participate in international competitions and develop organizational skills
Represents the art capital and becomes a smiling angel
Improve your resume and obtain a volunteer certificate


Basic requirements for recruitment:

Undergraduate students in colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area and nearby
He loves culture and arts, has a strong sense of honor and sense of responsibility, and is responsible and conscientious about his work.
Strong social activities, experience in large-scale volunteer activities and experience in organizing activities in schools
Good communication skills, excellent teamwork spirit, Chinese priority
Guaranteed free time during the festival


Job category and responsibilities:

Stage assistant: - Assisting the stage manager in arranging the performance team to remind and assist the performance team- Assist the instrument, the stage arrangement of the chorus team, and the performance of large musical instruments
Team assistant
- Received a team to participate in the show, assisted the team in parking, issuing tickets, seating, organizing discipline, etc.- Understand the various needs of the performance team and participate in the coordination arrangements of the association
- Perform alternate translations on various occasions where translation assistance is required
Logistics Assistant
- Assist logistics manager to arrange team to have a smooth meal
- Arranging room allocation for team musical instruments and other items, assisting in the entry and exit of musical instruments and articles, and ensuring safety