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‘My Shining Star’ 2019 Los Angeles International Youth Spring Festival Gala Introduction

 ‘My Shining Star’ 2018 Los Angeles International Youth Spring Festival Gala featuring a strong lineup of more than 20 participating companies, 26 programs, and approximately 300 young artists from China, the United States, and Mexico. 

Our programs are rich and varied,  and will include Group Martial Arts performances, Ballet, Piano, Zither, Violin Both Group and Solo, School Bands, Ethnic Dances, Beijing Opera Performances,  Stage Plays, Jazz Dances, and Modern Dance. There are also two famous star performers in the American Talent Show, who compete for $1 million, and 12 young star hosts. Featuring famous Chinese and American Opera performers who have won championships of many National Ballet Contests. Martial Arts Stars will bring wonderful performances for everyone, allowing children from different cultures to appreciate these art forms. It is a unique cultural feast for young people.

 ‘My Shining Star’ 2018 Los Angeles International Youth Spring Festival Gala, is  to spread Chinese and American culture and arts, explore talents for the arts.  We encourage world and international cultural exchanges. Most of the programs for this year's Youth Spring Festival Gala are selected from our outstanding performance team and individuals from the 2018 International Cultural Angel Talent Competition this year!

‘My Shining Star’ 2019 Los Angeles International Youth Spring Festival Gala Invitation Requirements.
I.The Event Introduction
Performance Time: Saturday, February 2,2019
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Rosemead High School Auditorium
Address: 9063 Mission Dr. Rosemead CA 91770
Event Target: Chinese and American children between the ages of 5 and 18 can sign up
Registration Stage: From now until - October 31, 2018

II.The Enrolment Method
Players can register via the Spring Festival Gala Hotline,website or WeChat. Groups are welcome to register or apply for personal registration.
Spring Festival Gala Registration Hotline: 626-321-2372, 626-672-0356
WeChat: ZNF6966

III, Program Requirements
A) All programs around the theme of “Happiness” (The Year Of The Pig). Digging is as extensive as possible. The program itself must be creative, and the arrangement must be exquisite, so as to achieve the unity of artistry and appreciation!

B) Program content should be healthy and positive. The stage performance should be wonderful, and it must be open to various artistic categories and expressions! 
C) In the process of programming, we must consider venues, costumes, props, color matching and music effects! 
D) Promote the creation of self-produced programs with the characteristics of the times and local characteristics, and welcome new, extraordinary, special, excellent, and collective program participation. The number of participants per program is not limited, and the type of programs is divided into  Music, Dance, Beijing Opera, Comedy, Comic Dialogue, Martial Arts, Magic, Imitation Shows and other art forms.

IV, Entry Requirements
1. Application  Form: Fill in personal information and competition items in detail, types (for example:Dance-Ballet, Dance-Modern Dance, Chinese Musical Instrument-Guzheng, etc.)
2. A Personal 2-inch Photo: Needs Positive People
3. Entries:
Painting and Calligraphy: Players must provide a player's work.
Other Categories: Players need to provide 3 minutes of video recording of the participating programs.
4. Competition Accompaniment (if available)
5. Performance Background (if available)
Note: Each program of the Spring Festival Gala requires more than 10 performers and the show time is within 3 minutes

V, Young Host Selection Instructions
A) The number of young host for the programs: In order to highlight the characteristics of the children's programs, the program plans to select the outstanding young children's host, male or female, and co-host the current party with the adult program host.
B) Application Conditions: All ages 5-18 years old, require the host of the programs to have talent, good temperament, and voluntarily register to participate in the selection of the young host of the programs.
C) Selection Method:
(1) Those who have the necessary conditions can apply directly to the ‘My Shining Star’ Committee.
(2) The organizing committees of the various divisions will conduct primary elections for the applicants in language, form, artistic talent , and image. Then submit the application form, personal introduction, 3-minute video, and other relevant information to the e-mail:
(3) The organizing committee will employ well-known artists to form an arts committee to review the candidates for the young host candidates recommended by various localities and finally confirm the list of candidates. The selected young host is subject to the official notice of the organizing committee. With the same level of talent, the order of registration shall prevail.