Win Win International Youth Culture And Arts Development Association

2019 International Cultural Angel Arts Festival & El Monte International Youth Music Festival

The purpose of the contest is to showcase Chinese and American culture and arts. Our event will create learning exchanges, self-expression, and self-confidence for teenagers and children of the United States and China. Professors from USC and UCLA will conduct master classes, lectures, and one on one personal instruction. The winners may participate in the 2020 “My Shining Stars” Los Angeles International Youth Spring Festival Gala .

I. Entry requirements:

Participants: Kindergarten children, elementary and middle school students from all regions of China and the United States
Age:  5 years old - 18 years old
Registration time: From now until June 15th, 2019
Time: August 17,18
Location: The Colburn School,Los Angeles,California                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
II.Lectures Options:
We offer a variety of exciting professional master lectures for everyone to choose from, so that players can improve their skills.Include:public master lectures,one on one lestures,etc

III . Talents
1, Western Musical Instruments: Piano, Violin, Saxophone, Jazz drum, Flute, Guitar, Keyboard, etc.
2, Chinese Instruments: Erhu, Zither, Dulcimer, Hulusi, Pipa, Bamboo Flute, etc.
3, Dance: Chinese Dance, Latin Dance, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip-Hop.
4, Vocal Music: Ethnic, Pop music, Chorus, Classic,etc.
5, Painting, Calligraphy, Chinese painting, Oil Painting and Watercolor, Children's Painting, Writing Brush, Hard Pen, etc.
6, Martial Arts: Stick Technique, Taekwondo, Boxing, Tai Chi, etc.
7, Beijing Opera
8, Fashion Show

IV.Competition Guidelines
(1) Painting and Calligraphy: Theme is not limited
1. Calligraphy: Hard Pen ( Regular script body, A3 paper size, can be drawn, no less than 80 characters, excluding signature), Soft Pen (the body of the book is not limited, Rice Paper four feet full or off, Vertical, not Less than 14 characters, excluding signatures);
2. Art: Chinese Painting (68cmx45cm), sketch (54cmx39cm), other paintings are not limited in size;
3. The on-site competition does not exceed 2 hours. The overtime judges have the right to stop and do not affect the score.
(1) Miscellaneous: Individual programs may not exceed 3 minutes, group programs may not exceed 4 minutes.
(2) Each player can only participate in two project. Non-competing players must not play on the stage with the players in the form of any help. If there are any, the score will be halved.

V.Registration Requirements
1. Application Form: It is necessary to clearly fill out personal information and competition items and types.(For example: dance-ballet, dance-modern dance, Chinese musical instrument-zither, etc.)
2. A Personal 2-inch Photo: Needs Positive People
3. Entries:Painting and Calligraphy: Players must provide a player's work.
         Other categories: Players need to provide 3 minutes of video recording of the participating programs.
4. Competition accompaniment (if necessary)
5. Performance background

VI. Award setting
1.Scoring criteria is set according to different categories, and the Talent will receive gold, silver or bronze awards. 
2.The finest talents will have the opportunity to participate in the Los Angeles International Children's Spring Gala in 2020.
3.Some highly talented artists will be recommended to participate in student exchange activities between China and the United States and travel to China/United States.
4.All participating schools and instructors receive excellent guidance school/teacher awards.

Download: 2019 International Cultural Angel Arts Festival & El Monte International Youth Music Festival Poster

VII. Sponsor & Media