Win Win International Youth Culture And Arts Development Association

Welcome Speech

The U.S. Win-Win International Youth Culture and Art Development Association is committed to Sino-U.S. cultural, arts, and education exchanges. It annually cooperates with educational institutions and schools in mainland China to organize and host a variety of cultural arts and education projects between China and the United States. It is hoped that youngsters of the two countries will learn from each other through various short-term study tours and artistic exchanges, increase mutual understanding and interaction, challenge themselves, cultivate team spirit, and stimulate students to learn Chinese and American cultural interests and aspirations!

We organize comprehensive talent competitions and performances for young children's gala evenings in order to spread Chinese and American culture and arts, explore talents for the arts, and provide a stage for youngsters to learn and exchange, to show themselves, and to cultivate self-confidence. Let them go to the world and promote international cultural exchanges. Most of the programs for this year's Children's Spring Festival Gala are selected from the outstanding performance team and individuals of our 2017 International Cultural Talent Talent Competition!

After successfully hosting the Talent Competitiom in 2016 and 2017,In August of this year, we will hold a three-day comprehensive talent competition and music festival at Colburn School. We hope that more people will participate in our activities. We will select outstanding programs for young children's evenings and recommend outstanding players to participate in international performances. The competition, as well as Chinese and foreign brokerage companies who have more than 200 children's activities for film and television, print advertisements, and hostesses, are aimed at cultivating more outstanding children's artistic talents, and at the same time bringing more and more exciting programs to everyone.

Interest is the child's best teacher. Training and supporting children to develop their own interests is very useful for children's future career development and development of personality traits. It can also help children stand out from millions of competitors and help them succeed more easily!

Finally, on behalf of the U.S. Win-win International Youth Art Development Association, I sincerely wish the children's Spring Festival party a complete success. thank you all!The representative of reason is science; the wise representative is art, science conquers the world; the art has glorified the world! I wish you all a better tomorrow!

(President,Zhou Nianfen) U.S. Win-win International Youth Culture and Art Development Association