Win Win International Youth Culture And Arts Development Association

Our History

  • In August 2016, the Little Angel Kids Talent competition was successfully held in Los Angeles.

    The festival is oranized by ICN TV Network and Win Win International Inc. there are more than 100 players and teams from all over the world, participated in the competitions of dance, singing and Music instrumental ,The small artists learn more about world music and art through exchanges and competitions.

  • The second festival was successfully held again in Los Angeles in August 2017. The competition program are dance, singing, instrumental music, Martial arts, Beijing Opera, more teams and players will be given more choices and a bigger stage.

  • Among them, teenagers from China brought together Chinese traditional arts: dance, national instrumental music, Beijing Opera ,Martial arts and other performances, which enabled American youth and people from all walks of life to understand China's outstanding culture and art. The participants were divided into young children and youth groups according to their age

    The festival awards ceremony is unprecedented. Local government officials and major media have given strong support. In addition, additional arrangements such as expert guidance courses and special performance teams have been set up, enriching the content of the festival and laying a good foundation for the future development of the festival.

    Since the first summer of 2016, this year's festival has been the third. It has become an influential international youth art event and a well-known brand. It has also become a process in which youngsters continuously increase friendship, mutual trust and talent through cultural and artistic exchanges to create a better future.

    All young people from all walks of life are welcome to sign up to create a bridge for borderless art.